Picture of Yuanjiang Ni

Office: E2-381
yni6 «at» ucsc·edu

Yuanjiang Ni


Yuanjiang joined SSRC in 2017. He is now a fourth-year PhD candidate. His advisor is Professor Ethan L. Miller. He is expected to graduate in 2021.  Link to his google scholar page: Google Scholar Page.

Research Interests: non-volatile memory, operating systems, distributed systems

Current Research:  He is now exploring architectural/OS supports for more efficient persistent-memory-aware failure-atomic transactions. He proposed shadow sub-paging, a hardware-friendly cache-line-level remapping technique that minimizes the extra writes that are taken to ensure failure-atomicity. 

Previous Research: He has previously investigated persistent-memory-aware OS checkpointing, profiling NVRAM file systems, etc. Before joining SSRC, he worked on optimizing flash-based caching.


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Last modified May 19 2020