Copernicus: A Scalable, High-Performance Semantic File System

Published as Storage Systems Research Center Technical Report UCSC-SSRC-09-06.


Hierarchical file systems do not effectively meet the needs of users at the petabyte-scale. Users need dynamic, search-based file access in order to properly manage and use their growing sea of data. This paper presents the design of Copernicus, a new scalable, semantic file system that provides a searchable namespace for billions of files. Instead of augmenting a traditional file system with a search index, Copernicus uses a dynamic, graph-based file system design that indexes file attributes and relationships to provide scalable search and navigation of files.

Publication date:
October 2009

Andrew Leung
Aleatha Parker-Wood
Ethan L. Miller

Scalable File System Indexing
Ultra-Large Scale Storage

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